Where does an investor go for good advice?


The Internet and the media are full of false and misleading claims about the performance of investment professionals. You can lose your shirt or worse, your life savings, by following the advice of many on-line hucksters. Rating the Pros is designed to track the recommendations of various sources of investment advice so that you can  separate the gurus from the frauds.  Think of us as the Consumer Reports of the investment world.


Who do we rate?


Rating the pros follows the recommendations of brokerage houses, investment advisors, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, TV reports and various Internet resources.


How do we “Rate The Pros”?


We let the results speak for themselves.  We track as many resources as possible, entering the investment and the date recommended.  Our software tracks the security on a daily basis and then the total return for the portfolio of each investment professional.  Each “Pro” is then ranked based on the performance of their total portfolio. We close out each transaction whenever the source recommends or delete it from the portfolio within a year.  This way you have an ongoing indication of how you would have fared following their advice. We do not track transaction costs. 


We only list brokerage house recommendations of Buy or Strong Buy.  We also include short sale advice.  We encourage each source to contact us if they feel the investment position should be closed out.  We follow only NYSE, ASE and NASDAQ securities.


How do I subscribe to “Rating the Pros”?


Access to the basic site is free.  This will allow you to see the top ranked professionals, the top ranked stocks and the consensus of professionals on the future direction of the market.


You can become a free member by joining with  your email address and password.  This will allow you further access to such features as the complete list of all investment professionals with links to their sites, the complete list of all stocks recommended and how many times they have been recommended.  You will also receive occasional newsletters with ideas about the latest recommendations.


At Rating the Pros we try to keep our information as current as possible but we are not infallible.  We welcome your comments and corrections. If you feel that the information we have compiled is not accurate, please let us know and we will correct it right away.

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